A skeleton creature with no legs
Raccoon Mama! You found her! I don't know if there's a way to take her back to her baby yet...
Cut out photo of a ceramic figurine that looks like a mama raccoon wearing a pink dress and white apron and holding a pie in front of her and smiling (it is very cute)


Links to my other projects that aren't strictly visual art.

This page (like most) is under construction! Pardon the dust :o)

Craiyon AI Art Gallery


Fixed the back button problem! - 09/11/2022

My AI generated art gallery makes me feel like Samara from The Ring . Now I can create the pictures that are in my head too. :-) and altho they may look nonsensical at first, they actually reveal all the clues you need to find my body!


Info about the current "chatbox"/inventory project I'm working on for this site. It's only visible on the home page currently, although it will be propagated to a bunch of others, including this one, once I work out the basic system. :)

  • Haven't implemented cross-page communication
  • Need to make more accessible w/ aria-live & various other accessibility improvements
  • Will add code to the resources page soon

Bunny's Zone

Bunny's Zone is a Neocities site created by my OC, Bunny!

  • Need to make the mobile design more responsive
  • Need to add more pages/content obvs

Untitled AI Art Exploration Game

Untitled AI Art Exploration Game is what it says in the name (and it's created with crAIyon generating the images!). It's semi-autobiographical, but not really about me, I'm just the most convenient source to draw from to create the sort of thing I wanted to create. It's light hearted, but by nature of AI art being uncanny, and the brevity of some of the writing, it starts to take on a kind of unsettling vibe. It's supposed to be funny as much as anything else I swear.

  • Image descriptions are a work in progress, but eventually I will write individual descriptions for each piece of AI art
  • Obviously much more content needs to be added! Since I'm working on two other sites right now, this will happen a little slower
  • Mobile responsiveness is not really a thing yet

CRT Monitor Layout

This is the previous layout of my website! I liked it a lot but it was just unwieldy and sorta uncomfortable to navigate, so I ended up changing it over officially on July 25th, 2022. Try turning the monitor off! You can also toggle the mobile view if you click the button in the top left corner.