A pixel drawing of a conch shell with a conch peeking its eye stalks out
Wall plug
Raccoon Baby (What Page is His Mama On?)
Cut out photo of a ceramic figurine that looks likea baby raccoon yelling or crying while wearing a blue pair of overalls and brown shoes (it is very cute)

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Cowboy says: Sign the guest book pleabs! I can't spell, I'm just a little guy!
Pixel art drawing of a black cat sitting with his tongue sticking out
Hi! I'm MF. I'm a year old autistic fairy.

I love horror movies, and my cats, and dream imagery, and fairies, and my spices (plural of spouse), and 1970s Doctor Who, and being queer (trans, bisexual), and making art!

Try clicking around on stuff, there's at least one easter egg to find! I'm adding more as I go. :)

This site is a work in progress! Last updated 10/03/2022~

Cut out photo of a pig skull
Pixel art drawing of a strange severed head with swirling flesh and holes for eyes nose and almost no mouth, but broken teeth coming out of visible gums
Pixel art drawing of another strange severed head. This one has round holes where the eyes nose and mouth would be, and flesh peeled away from the face
Ad showing an open fridge door and two banners with text above and below the fridge reading 'want weird vegetables?' at the top, and 'our vegetables are weird! - Georgie' at the bottom

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Last updated: August 11, 2022

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Pixel art doodle of the album cover of Nancy & Lee, the album with Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood on the cover next to each other, Nancy platinum blonde and Lee with his signature mustache

Site Updates

  • 2022 ~ 10/03 ->
    • Added crossfade image gallery effect for AI gallery links
    • Added sick new "Enter" button on landing page
  • 2022 ~ 09/25 ->
  • 2022 ~ 09/11 ->
    • Fixed bug with Craiyon AI art gallery causing back button not to work
  • 2022 ~ 09/08 ->
    • Added better logic to the Craiyon AI page (which is now also linked in my projects page! - Note that it's still a work in progress and buggy because I accidentally uploaded the WIP and lost the stable version
    • Added the code for my inventory/chat system to the resources page
  • 2022 ~ 09/03 ->
    • Added extra functionality to inventory, and fixed styling issues
    • Added link to resource page and beginnings of article with the code for the chatbox TBA
    • Added several new galleries to the Craiyon AI art page (which is as-of-yet unlabeled on the nav menu)
  • 2022 ~ 09/01 ->
    • Updated sitemap, including adding links to a few unfinished shrines, and my AI art gallery
    • Updated styling and added tranparent photo PNGs around the site
    • Added chatbox (soon to have multiple pieces of functionality)
    • Updated/combined Bunny & Buddy's, and Patrice & Pierre's OC pages
  • 2022 ~ 08/24 ->
    • Changed tiled backgrounds
    • Added more fun styling :)
  • 2022 ~ 08/21 ->
    • Reorganized OC pages and added content to Buddy and Bunny's page :B
    • Working on a few things like the AI art gallery (as of yet not public but if you want a sneak peak just go to /art/ai/craiyon/ ;B a tip from me to you!)
  • 2022 ~ 08/11 ->
    • Reorganized the images folders
    • Added shrines page
    • Began working on AI art page
    • Added more AI art to right side columns
    • Updated In the Mouth of Madness Shrine with new art
  • 2022 ~ 08/04 ->
    • Added shrine page and In the Mouth of Madness shrine
  • 2022 ~ 07/29 ->
    • Added RTA meta tag on all pages, and link on landing page
    • Added background images, styling updates
    • Added OC page content for Connection universe
    • Added placeholder content for Twoniverse
  • 2022 ~ 07/25 ->
  • 2022 ~ 07/12 ->
    • Added "Enter site" page
  • 2022 ~ 07/10 ->
    • Added 2018 and 2017 galleries
    • Added the daily/monthly/[whenever I feel like] doodle on the home page
  • 2022 ~ 07/09 ->
  • 2022 ~ 07/08 ->
    • Updated bio page
    • Added 2021 art galleries
    • Added Site Map
    • Added Cat page
  • 2022 ~ 07/07 ->
    • Added bio page information
    • Added 2021 art gallery
    • Updated resources page
  • 2022 ~ 07/03 ->
    • Created art page & 2022 art galleries
    • Created bio page
  • 2022 ~ 07/02 ->
    • Added navigation and styling
  • 2022 ~ 07/01 ->
    • Added CRT monitor graphic
    • Added mobile view toggle

Coming Attractions & New Additions

MF: It's a chat history, but it's going backward I guess? :)
And the css animation is all screwy. Oh well!

August 31, 2022

MF: Just testing messages

September 1, 2022

MF: Just testing messages... This is the newest message.

September 1, 2022