Teresa Helen Francis


Note: all my OCs are base "archetypes" that we just shove into every AU that could possibly fit them, sometimes until they're totally unrecognizable from when they were first made. Teresa looks about the same, but she's come a long way from "murder victim side character".

Mentions of: drugs, suicide

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  3. Common Traits
  4. Relationships
  5. Inspirations
  6. Timeline

Common Traits

Time Period: Late 60s - mid 70s

Birthday: August 8th

Default Age: N/A (none usually specified, anywhere from early 20s to 30 with wiggle room)

Mentions of: drugs, cults, manipulation, suicide

All traits, up to and including her name, subject to change depending on the AU.

  • Reincarnated alien (otherkin)
  • Magician
  • Bisexual
  • Self assured
  • Big sister type
  • Dysphoric
  • Trans
    • Will get magical SRS
  • Pyrokinetic
  • Bipolar
  • Painter/artist
    • Typically paints occult, spiritual, and/or erotic subjects
  • Wants to have children with her husband Astral
  • Dominant
  • Best feature according to her are her eyes, second and third best features are her boobs
  • Hippie


  • Astral (Teddy) Marvel Parsons: husband
    • alien power couple
    • not intimidated by him
    • thinks he's both the coolest guy who's ever lived and also a complete buffoon
  • Georgie Rose Palmer: girlfriend
    • protective and loving towards her
    • delighted by Georgie's adoration
    • wants to see Georgie succeed and flourish
  • Mac Anthony Carroll: close friend
    • semi-regularly engage in threesome/foursomes with Georgie and/or Astral, but aren't attracted to each other sexually or romantically
    • finds mac's relationship with astral amusing


[REDACTED], The Love Witch, Otherkin (silver elves)


Teresa is an only child. She knew she was trans from a young age and began to transition socially and medically as soon as each was possible for her.

Teresa attends undergrad studying art, however she drops out after experiencing mental health issues stemming from her bipolar. She also discovers that she is bisexual, and gets more interested in politics while at school. She also experiments more heavily with drugs and alcohol, and just before dropping out, experiences a psychotic episode.

She meets Astral at a party where they have a one night stand just before Astral's botched suicide attempt, and then later meets him once again, not realizing they've met before. They fall in love. Teresa admires Astral, and feels powerful knowing that she has him wrapped around her finger.

During a sex magic ritual, they discover that she is also an otherkin alien reincarnated. She also has magic powers, particularly pyrokinesis, but unlike Astral, her pyrokinesis does not burn her when she uses it.

Teresa wants to be a mother, and through magic conception,she has Georgie's baby (cucking Astral, who had been trying to get her pregnant), who they name Marvin.

Marvin is a weird little alien baby who has two party-hat-shaped horns sticking out of the sides of his head right above his ears. He can float away like a balloon so be careful!

Later she has Astral's baby, who they name Daffodil "Daffy", continuing Looney Tunes theme.

Daffy is powerfully magical and just so adorable. She is fully alien, as well.