Theodore "Astral" Marvel Parsons


Note: all my OCs are base "archetypes" that we just shove into every AU that could possibly fit them, sometimes until they're totally unrecognizable from when they were first made. Not Astral, though. He has not changed at all except that he used to have a big mustache (like Frank Zappa or like, any of Nick Cave's mustache looks). If anything he's gotten better. B)

Mentions of: drugs, cults, manipulation, suicide

All traits, up to and including his name, subject to change depending on the AU.

Table of Contents

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  3. Common Traits
  4. Jobs He's Had Across Probably 100s of AUs
  5. Relationships
  6. Inspirations
  7. Timeline

Common traits

Theodore Marvel Parsons, AKA Teddy, AKA Astral if you're nasty.

Time Period: Late 60s - mid 70s

Birthday: January 21st

Default age: 38

  • Reincarnated alien (otherkin)
  • Cult leader
  • Magician
  • Bisexual
  • Highly sexual
    • exclusive top (sorta)
  • Emotionally volatile and immature
  • Vain
  • Addict
  • Projects laid back persona
    • excitable
    • control freak
  • Hedonistic
  • Wants to be important to others
  • Hippie
  • Fertility issues
  • New agey
  • Sex magic
  • Annoying
  • Huge dick (in both ways)
  • Cuck (derogatory)
  • Drives a pickup truck

Jobs He's Had Across Probably 100s of AUs

  • Writer
  • Forum Moderator
  • Life Coach
  • Unemployed
  • Student*
  • Alien King
  • Massage Therapist
  • Therapist Therapist
  • 1/2 f a Folk Band Duo (Georgie Was the Other Half)
  • Cult Leader
*expelled for doing a little bit of plagiarism.


  • Teresa Helen Francis: wife
    • alien power couple
    • only person allowed to dom him (Georgie would be allowed to too but she won't do it)
  • Georgie Rose Palmer: girlfriend
    • intensely protective and possessive of her
    • has trouble dealing with the intensity of his feelings for her
      • equivalent of cute aggression (Cute aggression is defined as the urge to squeeze, crush, or bite cute things, for instance puppies, kittens, or himbette girlfriends)
  • Mac Anthony Carroll: girlfriend's petdog
    • Member of his cult
    • fond of Mac
      • likes that he makes Georgie happy
    • enjoys being able to care for and train Mac like a puppy
    • not in love with Mac (in most universes) but loves him like a pet and enjoys his company as a companion


Otherkin (silver elves), Jack Whiteside Parsons, Aleister Crowley/Thelema (to some extent), Altered States, Twin Peaks (to some extent, mostly wrt magic aliens), archetype of an annoying new agey hippie guy with a long gray ponytail


Note:(variable depending on universe, but these are the most consistent facts)

Astral grew up the golden child of his family, always beloved and babied by his parents and older sister. His father was a disgraced politician.

Quickly learned to manipulate other people, he's charming when he wants to be (which is pretty much all the time :) lol).

He was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 5, and although his tics have waned after adolescence, he continues to have a few motor and vocal tics into adulthood.

As a child he had mixed experiences in school. He was good at hiding bad behavior, but did have behavioral issues with teachers he didn't like. He had minor magical abilities as a child, like moving small objects, or causing minor fires. These powers awakened more bly after an incident in adulthood that nearly killed him.

In adulthood he has primarily healing powers(that don't help his messiah complex tendencies) and pyrokinesis. Although he is able to conjure flames in his hands (or any part of his body), he is not impervious to fire, and he has had to develop the ability to withstand the pain of third degree burns in order to use this power for extended periods of time. He can heal his own wounds to a certain extent, however he can't stop them before they happen, and typically he must heal himself after he stops expending mental energy to use his pyrokinesis. He has found that it can be very intimidating to set himself on fire in this way, which makes it usually worth it.

He studied philosophy in undergrad. Mostly he used his time in college to begin experimenting more heavily with drugs, and independently learning about the occult and spirituality. Astral received a hefty allowance from his family, and continues to mooch money off of his sister into adulthood, using it to support his easy-breezy lifestyle, drug use, and his romantic/sexual partners/cult members, who don't know about this income source, and have their own theories about how he funds his lifestyle beyond bartering and selling produce.

He was expelled from his graduate program after being caught plagiarizing (extensively), and during the meeting with the dean, he decides he'll commit suicide in a histrionic ploy for sympathy and revenge on everyone who doesn't appreciate him. After leaving the ~last party~ of his life, in which he met a certain lady who would later be his wife, he drives his car to the nearest bridge, with the intent of driving off it to his death. However, he changes his mind at the last moment, and swerves off the road away from the bridge's edge, instead crashing and mangling his car, and his body.

At this point he has a near-death experience in which he awakens his otherkin identity as a reincarnated alien from a race of telepathic, praying mantis-like, giant, interdimensional/astral travelers, and his semi-latent magic healing powers. After the near-death experience he names himself Astral (his "alien name"), no longer going by Teddy for the most part, although he doesn't dislike his given name, and he enjoys when people feel comfortable enough around him to call him by it as a nickname, he finds that people will be more endeared to him if they can call him a slightly childish sounding name (ie. "Teddy" rather than "Ted" or "Theodore").

While in the hospital he heals miraculously quickly, to the surprise of the nurses and doctors, however his stay is extended when he is too excited not to tell anyone who will listen about his newly discovered alien identity. Eventually he is released and after that continues his spiritual development.

Astral starts his cult based on this new information, including magic as he is usually (depending on universe) either always able to do magic, but simply honing his skills after learning he is an alien, or awakens his cosmic powers after the near-death experience.

He is reintroduced to Teresa at a party and immediately enters into kink relationship based on her dominating him. After magic sex rituals discovers that she is also an alien. He falls in love with her. He wants to have alien babies with her and make her a queen, and she is the only person who he sees as a true equal to himself. He's wonderstruck by her, she can surprise him, and hold him accountable if he really behaves in a way that she doesn't like. He will take any punishment from her since he trusts that if she punishes him (for instance by poisoning him mildly), he must have done something to deserve it (he has). He worries about her when she has particularly bad manic and/or depressive episodes, and he's always patient with her, as well.

He meets Georgie in a park and she comes to live with him immediately, like he is bringing home astray kitten. He falls in love with her so quickly, and she falls in love with Mac and Teresa. Georgie does love Astral as well, but it's not entirely romantic love. He would be devastated if she told him, even if he knows in the back of his mind that she doesn't love him with the same intensity that he loves her. He settles for trying to have absolute control over her life, and trying to mold and nurture her so she blossoms into a confident, happy magician. When he sees her he experiences intense cute aggression that he has trouble controlling, but she has that effect on a lot of people. He's glad he's 1 inch taller than she is. He would let her top him if she ever wanted to, but unfortunately for him, she just doesn't want to.

Sometimes he meets Mac through Georgie when she starts dating Mac, and introduces mac to polyamory and helps(?) mac accept his sexuality. Sometimes he meets Mac first, and slowly introduces Mac, who sees himself as a monogamous and domestic gay, to kink and polyamory. Regardless, he sees Mac as he would see a pet, his love for Mac is not entirely romantic, but he enjoys Mac's company, and he is sexually attracted to Mac and enjoys dominating him and giving Mac the love he never got before, and craves. It feeds Astral's ego, and Mac is one of his most loyal followers because of their reciprocal relationship. Although Astral's love for Mac isn't exactly romantic, he needs Mac for validation and emotional support more than he realizes. Mac, on the other hand, is fully aware of how reliant he is on Astral's guidance.