A skeleton creature with no legs
Did the Clam Do it?
A drawing of a black and white tiled floor with blood poooling on it A drawing of a conch shell with a conch inside it poking its eye stalks out

Art Dump

I've been making art for as long as I can remember, but I go through phases where I don't make anything for months. Luckily I'm not feeling that way at the time of writing this (07/02/2022)! Enjoy my art page!

This page is very much a work in progress. I have a lot of art I need to upload here, so getting it all organized and added is gonna take time. Consider this incomplete until otherwise stated. :)

let artBlock = false;


Artistic Inspirations

Under construction!

Artists I Love

Under construction!

  • Unomoralez - digital/pixel art with dark themes, drawing inspiration from David Lynch, Christian religious art, erotica, horror, and more! He has incredible, intricate, glittery art that is a treat to look at :o)
    • Unomoralez (Tumblr)
      Unomoralez (website)
      [content warning: art depicting SA and other disturbing themes, often NSFW, may contain flashing gifs]
      • My all time favorite artist. His art is everything I want to be able to make
      • I love the way he makes scenes that feel very still even when there's movement. He captures the feeling of a dream so perfectly. I'd highly recommend searching his art and scrolling through some of his older stuff, it's all mesmerizing
      • I have a physical print of this angel piece [content warning: NSFW], and it's my prized possession
  • Hyman Bloom - Incredible oil paintings with rich texture and color. Particularly love his beautiful paintings of cadavers/corpses, and of chandeliers.
  • Boris Vallejo - Over the top fantasy artist who draws everyone looking like they were just oiled up and bronzed. I love this sort of absolutely excessive fantasy/scifi art
  • Remedios Varo - WIP
  • Arnold Boeklin - WIP
    • Isle of the Dead (fourth version) is my favorite painting of all time
  • Johfra Bosschart - WIP
  • Markus Matthias Kr├╝ger - WIP
  • Laurie Anderson - WIP