Update as of February 27th 2023!
I haven't been updating recently but I wanna redesign the layout and stuff so I get back into it. :) So I hope to be updating stuff more and adding stuff later! For now enjoy whatever the site looks like rn. :B

This website is for adults ONLY.
There is gory, disturbing, uncanny, sexual/suggestive, and otherwise potentially objectionable, and objectively cool content that is not intended for anyone under 18! If you are disturbed by art of medical gore, organs, blood, animal death, uncanny valley, horror, monsters, and other potentially taboo topics or extremely cute raccoons PLEASE DO NOT VISIT MY SITE! I do not want anyone being upset or hurt by the art that I create because it makes me happy.

Moon Flute is a place for me to keep my art, and it's also made because I want it to be a piece of art on its own, because I love the potential for interactivity and an Immersive Experience that can be created with just a little bit of HTML/CSS/Js! That being said, it will be potentially disturbing at times, although it's always made with the intention to make something exciting and funny.

With that in mind, please feel free to continue into Moon Flute if you are over 18 years old, otherwise please enjoy this all-ages landing page!